As the state of Illinois being one of the country’s manufacturing leaders, we thought that its largest city would make the perfect venue for our event.

Renowned for the diversity of its suburban industry, Chicago is a ‘smart city’ rife with integrated technological innovations designed to make everyday life easier for everyone. Small wonder that Boeing moved its corporate headquarters to Chicago at the dawn of the 21st century.


Located in one of Chicago’s old industrial neighborhoods, you will be charmed by this old dry storage building that was converted into an urban-chic warehouse: the perfect mix between industrial styling and luxury.

This spacious and atypical venue is a great representation of the current challenges in manufacturing: a transition from the meatpacking district into a trendy one, attracting high-tech companies and ideas. The perfect setting to hold the first edition of Industry 4.0 ThinkTank.


In an effort to make your planning easier, we recommand the ACE hotel, located a few blocks away from the Revel Fulton Market. 


For your transportation needs within the city itself, there are several options that will make your visit more enjoyable and worry-free, be it to make it from the airport to your hotel, or from the Revel Fulton Market [AM1] to a local restaurant.

  1. Bus or train         
  2. Uber                      
  3. Lyft                        
  4. Taxi                        
    • Universal Taxi Dispatch (888) 344-8294
    • City Service Taxi +1 773-561-6600
    • Chicago Suburban Taxi Cab, Inc. +1 847-960-3895
  5. Hotel services — More info to come!
  6. Parking options   

Where to eat?

First off, during the duration of the event, you will have access to a buffet of coffee and various snacks, in addition to lunch breaks, provided to you freely.

For your off-site gastronomic needs, we recommend that you download a restaurant finder app to your smartphone, such as OpenTable. This way you can quickly find a restaurant you like, make reservations, and get directions.

For a quick overview of Chicago’s restaurants, try this helpful website.

Local attractions

As the third most populated city in the United States, Chicago is teeming with tourist spots and interesting places to visit. There is much to discover, so we’ve made a short selection for you, just to whet your appetite: